To Parents and Friends of Crestwood Preparatory College:

We are once again involved in a potential health crisis that puts the school in the middle of some very complicated policies, requests and expectations. Whatever the cause or issue, our first concern has always been the safety and well being of our students. It cannot be otherwise. We have demonstrated that priority several times in the last nineteen years, usually in connection to a serious public health concern. I suspect that most parents that have been through our system can vouch for that. Having said all this, know there are reasonable limitations to what we can do in times of trouble.

We are now in the middle of another health scare. We have, again, done not what we were required to do, but what we knew had to be done. We have emailed a coronavirus advisory to all our parents. Miracle Guo, our wonderful Chinese community liaison, has sent that same advisory, in Mandarin, to our Chinese community. It is responding magnificently to this advisory. We are monitoring our illnesses at school. Our teachers are on the alert. The administration has been well versed in this kind of emergency measure and, like everyone everywhere, and particularly in schools, hope this recent health crisis will be solved quickly and painlessly. We are following protocol and await further instructions.  Here is a link to Toronto Public Health’s Coronavirus updates. We will update you if any new measures are or need to be taken.  Please be advised that today teachers have, perhaps for the second or third time, reiterated the need to wash and sanitize hands, keep sneezes and coughs under control, and follow the usual rules of good hygiene.  I imagine the

same kind of direction is being given at home.

We need your help. If your son or daughter has a fever and cold-like symptoms, please keep them at home. School work transfers are easily managed these days, and no one has ever suffered academically for absences related to illness.  Once your son or daughter gets to school, and 

he/she then calls home to say somebody is “sneezing” at school, or “everybody”s sick and no one’s here”, or “I’m feeling sick and want to come home”, please take some time and thought to verify. Sneezing is a common occurrence; there is always someone at school and something valuable to do at school every day. School is precious, and one should not undermine this preciousness in any manner.

Please click here to download a letter from Ontario’s Chief Medical Officer of Health, Dr. David Williams, providing you with valuable advice and information regarding the Coronavirus.

Thank you in advance for your support and cooperation.


Vince Pagano