Leadership Workshops For Parents

Tuesday April 3rd 7:00 – 8:15pm – UPPER CANADA COLLEGE PREP (Weston Hall)

“The Second-Goal Parent: Developing Winners in Life Through Sports” (75 minutes)

Everyone wants to win. That’s the first goal in sports. But in youth and high school sports there is a second, more important goal: teaching life lessons through sports. In this workshop, sports parents learn why and how to focus on that second goal.

You may opt for a full two-hour session, allowing for deeper interaction with the PCA Trainer (workshop facilitator), or for a 60-minute presentation that conveys the essence of the philosophy and several tips and tools parents can use to help their children get the most from youth and high school sports. PCA also offers versions for high school sports parents.

Regardless of format, each workshop guides parents in:

  • Assessing their children’s goals and desires in youth sports in comparison with their own
  • How to talk with your child about practices, games and what they are learning through sports
  • How to enact and reinforce PCA’s major principles: Mastery of Sport (Not Just Scoreboard Results), which values effort, learning and bouncing back from mistakes and adversity; Filling Emotional Tanks, with the correct mix of truthful, specific praise and constructive criticism; and Honoring the Game through appropriate sideline behavior and interaction with coaches.

Parents attending any of these workshops receive a copy of Positive Sports Parenting by PCA Founder Jim Thompson (or The High School Sports Parent when appropriate).

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