CISAA Cross Country Championship


“Ok…so this is the day you give 100%. Whether you come first or last for Crestwood doesn’t matter; what matters is that you go for it and give it your all!” This was the pep talk that our teammate William gave to his peers. Wow, did it ever inspire our athletes. All of our Crestwood runners participated in this challenging race at Centennial Park and finished with personal best times! Congratulations to Bonolo, William, Jameson, Aidan G, Olivia, Pepper, Daniel, Jacob, Davis, Kai, Thato, TJ, Cormac, Jordyn, Ellana, Aiden T, Tate, Wesley, Cooper, and James for joining the final run. Wesley finished in 4th place overall and Davis ended in 8th place. All of the coaches are extremely proud of how hard you worked to train and compete. Thank you to you and to your parents for cheering you on. You are all Cross Country Champions!

-Paula Georgiou