Gr.3 Force, Of Course

On Tuesday the Grade 3 students investigated the impact of friction, gravity and magnetic force through a FORCE, OF COURSE workshop presented by Scientists in the Schools.  We learned about natural forces like the eruptions of volcanoes and how the vortex of a tornado can uproot trees.  We used catapults to measure the impact of forces

Structure and Stability in Gr.3

Calling all future engineers. On Thursday, November 13th the grade 3 classes were challenged to participate in a Structures and Stability workshop. They were faced with the tasks of creating strong and stable structures such as bridges. We learned about how structures all have certain purposes: they may span, contain or support. Structures must also

Up, Up and Away!

Scientists in the School were here this week to enhance the Grade 6 students’ knowledge of Air & Flight. They successfully investigated the principles of flight and solidified their understanding of Bernoulli’s Principle through a series of hands on experiments. Students also revisited key events in flight history. They ended their workshop with a competitive