Gr.1 to Chudleigh’s

Last Friday the Grade Ones braved a cold and windy day and set off to Chudleigh’s. Did the weather stop us from having a fabulous time – never! With our wonderful parent volunteers, we jumped on a haystack, tasted apple cider, saw many farm animals, enjoyed our tractor ride through the orchard, picked the juiciest

Roaming the ROM with Gr.5

On Friday, May 22nd the Grade 5 students at Crestwood School travelled to the Royal Ontario Museum. They examined artifacts, were told several legends and myths and were able to inspect mummies. To begin with, I will discuss some artifacts found in Room 6. There were many stations, so you couldn’t get around to all, but

Grade 3 Pioneering

As an extension to our unit on Pioneers this term, the Grade 3’s visited Black Creek Pioneer Village on May 28th appropriately dressed in pioneer clothing! We participated in two hands-on programs.  The first workshop was called Many Hands. We explored the lifestyles of the pioneers by using the tools, methods and recipes, which were commonplace on a

Terrific Times for Grade 4

The Grade 4’s visited Medieval Times on Wednesday. We first explored the front entrance and were granted a tour of their horse stable. We then entered the stadium where we were served a frosty beverage. Then the action got started. We saw horses doing tricks, knights battling for supremacy, other outside kingdoms attacking one another,

Gr.4 Explore ROM

Grade 4 classes spent the day at the Royal Ontario Museum investigating civilizations of the past and their relevance today. The grade 4’s were split into two smaller groups and were led through the exhibits by the ROM’s specialized staff. Highlights included a virtual tour of the inside of a tomb, an actual mummy, hieroglyphics,

Gr 2 visits MLAC!

The Grade Two Classes will be watching “The Musical Adventures of Flat Stanley” at the Mississauga Living Arts Centre. This show will be a preview to the novel study we will be completing in second term. In a whirlwind musical travelogue, Flat Stanley – the ultimate exchange student – explores the globe and learns that

Grade 3 Visits Apple

Classes 3B and 3C visited the Apple Store at Sherway Gardens last week.  Both classes created posters that promote living and working in urban and rural communities.  They used Pages to create our fliers and we personalized our work with photos that we found on the internet.  Each student walked away with a groovy, yellow t-shirt

Gr. 5 Travel to Legislative Assembly of Ontario

The Grade 5 classes spent Thursday morning at the Legislative Assembly of Ontario. They were able to participate in a mock debate and learn about the many responsibilities of the provincial government. They even got to meet the honourable Kathleen Wynne, Premier of Ontario.  Premier Wynne answered questions and shared some interesting information about the

3A Visits Apple

Class 3A visited the Apple Store at Sherway Gardens this week.  We created posters that promote living and working in urban and rural communities.  We used the Apple program Pages to create our fliers and we personalized our work with photos that we found on the internet.  Each student walked away with a groovy, yellow

Grade 2 to the Zoo!

The Grade Two classes will be participating in a full day workshop on simple classification of animals. We will be touring the zoo while identifying and describing major physical characteristics of different types of animals. We will learn to identify ways in which animals are helpful to, and ways in which they meet the needs

Gr.3 to MLAC

After braving the icy walk up to Glendon to meet our bus, the Grade 3’s had a fantastic trip to the Mississauga Living Arts Centre! We participated in a drama workshop with an instructor who was an actor herself. The kids warmed up their bodies, voices, and imaginations by moving as different plants and animals

Gr.6 to CWHM

The Grade 6 students travelled to the Canadian Warplane Heritage Museum near Hamilton on December 3rd. They learned about the concept of lift, gravity, thrust and drag. Museum aircraft are viewed to show the principles of aerodynamics. Also the principles of roll, pitch and yaw are introduced to expand the concept of flight into the

Spirit Point

From Sept 12-14 the Grade 7’s at Crestwood PreparatoryCollege participated in their first adventure as a combined grade when they travelled to Spirit Point Wilderness Camp in Trout Creek, Ontario. The students immersed themselves in new lifeskills and refreshed some old ones while making new friendships and continuingold ones. From raft building to firestarting and

Noor Cultural Centre Visit

On Friday, April 13, Mr. Hawkins’ World Religions 11 class and many members of Mr. Masters’ YARRD club visited the Noor Cultural Centre, an Islamic mosque and community centre on Noor Drive, just a few minutes from Crestwood. This is the third year that we have visited them, and we were once again embraced by

Grade 7 and 8 Trips

This is a reminder to all parents of grade 7 and 8 students to sign up for the annual trip to Niagara Falls (grade 7) and Ottawa (grade 8) if you haven’t done so already. For students, these trips offer a fantastic opportunity for experiential learning, as we explore some of Canada’s history, geography and

Spirit Point

The grade 9 students travelled up to Algonquin Park last week to embark on an outdoor education field trip. We arrived at Spirit Point Wilderness Academy and Camp on Wednesday September 8, excited for our upcoming adventure. Our first day was an exciting day of rock climbing, high ropes and trust initiatives, hiking, canoeing and