Carnaval de Crestwood


This Thursday (March 5th) in the traditions of old, the Crestwood students will be taking part of their day to celebrate the Carnaval de Crestwood which is a nod to the traditions of the Carnaval de Quebec (and French Canadian culture).

The Québec Winter Carnival is the oldest of the winter festivals that are held each year in Canada. The popular tradition of a celebration in the dead of winter can be traced back to New France. The first organized winter festival in Québec City, held in 1894, was the brainchild of Frank Carrel, owner of the Québec Daily Telegraph. The event was held during subsequent winters, but two World Wars and the Great Depression prevented it from being held on a regular basis. The event was reinstated in 1954 as part of efforts to revive the economy of the provincial capital, and it has been held every winter since then.

Junior students (Gr. 4-6) will be participating in some activities through the morning before heading out after lunch for some skating. Primary students (JK – Gr. 3) are invited to participate in some activities through the afternoon.

All students are encouraged to wear a colourful scarf around their waist to represent “the arrow sash” worn by the Carnaval mascot Bonhomme Carnaval, which was part of the traditional costume of the Lower Canada habitant at least from 1776 on. Although at that time the visitors who noticed its presence called it a “coloured sash”.