Cardboard Carnival

The students of 6D and 6E put their families’ extra cardboard boxes to great use this week as they created arcade-style games and attractions for our (virtual) edition of the annual Cardboard Carnival. We began this activity by watching a short film called Caine’s Arcade, about a young boy named Caine who turns his father’s auto repair shop into an incredible arcade of cardboard creations. He eventually inspires a world-wide movement of creativity in homes and schools. 6D and 6E used Caine’s story as inspiration for their own plethora of exciting arcade games, including a working vending machine!  We hope you enjoy the pictures.

Normally we would share these creations with the Junior Division during our Cardboard Carnival, but for this year, we hope parents and siblings will enjoy our students’ amazing creations. Great job, everyone!

Ms. Krashinsky and Ms. Suckstorff