Last week YARRD/Me to We held its annual Candy Gram bonanza, in support of Crestwood’s 3 foster children, Jandry Anthony Tumbaco from Ecuador, Theresa Pale from Burkina Faso, and Gertrude Banda from Mali. Students in the Doc/Film Club produced a compelling film trilogy; The Master List, written by Sabrina Wasserman and filmed by master cinematographer Rohan Narayanan. The epic film starred Mr. Jesse Scott and Andrew Gdanski, with a scene stealing role by Rong Zhang. Click to see Part 1 and Parts 2-3. While the video dominated CPC’s airwaves, volunteers made and sold Candy Grams, raising over $500 that will support our foster children going into next year.  A big thanks from YARRD/Me to We to the whole Crestwood community!

Candy-Gram Delivery Time! IMG_0266 IMG_0271 IMG_0273 IMG_0274 IMG_0276 IMG_0280 The Candy-Gram Crew