Business Case Competition

On Saturday, November 24th, twelve students from Crestwood Preparatory College will be competing in a business case competition hosted by Crescent School. The event will be attended by eight schools in the Toronto area, bringing together students enrolled in business courses and those interested in studying business in University. The competition will follow a case study format, which will be introduced by the Richard Ivey School of Business. Schools will then be divided into two teams, and the team to supply the best solution to the case study as determined by an experienced judge’s panel will be announced the winners.

Business students at Crestwood Preparatory College have previously worked with the case study format. On November 15th, students worked with a professor from the  University of Western Ontario, in a case study exercise, to determine who would represent our school at the larger competition.

Crestwood Preparatory College strives to provide students with enriched learning opportunities that enhance the Ontario Curriculum. We would like to wish the best of  luck to our twelve competition participants.