Bus and Carpool Information 20/21

If you are interested in more information about Crestwood’s Carpool and Shuttle Bus services for the 2020/2021 school year please contact our main office.  Any questions or inquiries may be directed to anny.rannie@crestwood.on.ca.  Below is information on both Carpool and Shuttle Bus Services.



We understand that some parents are interested in carpooling. To facilitate this process, please provide the following information in an email to the office.  Please ensure that all the information is provided in order to accept this information.  We will compile the information of interested parents, and a complete list of contacts will be available.

Please include the following information and email it to:   anny.rannie@crestwood.on.ca

Name of Student: ____________________________Grade: __________

Name of Parent/Guardian:_______________________

Contact number: ______________________________

Address: ___________________________________

Nearest Intersection: ___________________________

Hopefully, this will enable car pool arrangements to be finalized.



Listed below are the four bus stops we currently offer with the yearly price and pickup times (stops and times may vary dependent on enrollment):

Claxton/Raglan- 6:50am
$800 one way
$1500 return

Bathurst/Southbourne (by Adath Temple)- 7:25am
$800 one way
$1500 return

Yonge and York Mills (by Shell Gas Station)- 7:40am
$800 one way
$1500 return

Crestwood Lower School at Lawrence- 7:50am
$250 one way
$500 return

*The bus leaves the school at 4:30pm due to the students’ after school extra-curricular activities

This information may change slightly for the new school year as it depends on the demand from the students. Alternatively, if the above bus stops offered do not work for your current location and you require door-to-door busing services, please contact:

Walter (416) 677-1196

The pricing for door-to-door services is approximately $4000, however Walter would confirm pricing with you.

Please call 416-391-1441 ext. 4321 to arrange payment and for all other transportation inquiries.