Bullying Awareness Week

This week the Female Peer Leadership group organized many activities around the school in honour of Bullying Awareness Week. This is an important initiative at Crestwood because we believe strongly that every student has the right to feel safe at school.  At Crestwood, Bullying Awareness Week is about consciousness, prevention and change. We want our students to grow up thinking differently about bullying, helping them to understand that it is not acceptable – in any situation. This week our Crestwood students did this loud and clear. Whether through wearing pink/purple on Tuesday, signing a pledge on the graffiti wall, supporting our bake sale, or speaking up in town hall – Crestwood students clearly shouted out that they will not tolerate bullying.  Even though Bullying Awareness week came to an end this week, anti-bullying is something that is always practiced in the Crestwood community.