Beaver Computing Challenge

In November, the grade 7, 9, and 10 technology classes participated in the Beaver Computing Challenge.  This contest, run by the University of Waterloo, is a problem-solving contest with a focus on computational and logical thinking.  The following students achieved a certificate of distinction for ranking in the top 25% of contestants!

Grade 9/10 Contest:

Yuning Cai (1st Place)
Siyue Cao (1st Place)
Glary Chen (1st Place)
Yutong Hu
Tom Huang
Zaicheng Huang
Jacky Zhang
Xiaonan Chen
Jayden Connors
Luke Kogan
Daniel Markusson
Aydin Ansari
Emma Ross
Liam Stern
David Westlind

Grade 7/8 Contest:

Ellena Stamatiou (1st Place)
Sean Yin
Brian Fudem
Sydney Ross
Jessica Katz
Nolan Kotler
Chloe Lopes Fitzgerald
Lexi Wee