Baycrest Trip

Last week the CHC class completed its last set of field investigations for their oral history interviews.  Mr. Masters and Mr. Hawkins took a group of 20 Grade 9 and 10 history students to the Baycrest Geriatric Centre on Bathurst Street, where they had the opportunity to interview four Holocaust survivors about their wartime experiences.  Students learned about their families, and about the often tragic scenarios that these people endured as they managed to survive those terrible years.  The students visited the survivors in their hospital rooms and listened carefully and were very sensitive as these stories were recounted, understanding that they too are now witnesses to the events from 70 years ago.

Mendel Good with Sacha, David, Cindy, Corrina and Arden Mendel's family Mila with Gavin, Angelina, Cole and Richard Sylvia with Aaron, Jerry, Ashley, Mandy, and Sabrina Baycrest Feb 2016 Hana with Jakob, Ivy, Mert and Vincent