Basketball Starts Next Week

Dear Parents and Student athletes.

We are so excited to offer intramural sports once again at Crestwood School. For the remainder of the second term and into term three, basketball will be offered to those interested students in grade 3-6 that wish to play some bball.

This coming Tuesday, February 22nd, 8:15am the tip off for all interested grade 4 students that signed up to play will take place.

Please allow some time for your child to drop off their bags and put on their running shoes.If it is not your gym day, please make sure you have your running shoes and an extra face mask. At 12:00 noon we will open the gym for the grade 5’s to have some fun.

Check the schedule below to see when your child’s cohort will be on the court.

Please meet your coaches in the gym.

Have a wonderful Family Day Weekend!

Sherri Brenzel