Crestwood Welcomes Authors

Two award winning Canadian authors are visiting Crestwood School this coming week.  Cary Fagan will be visiting the grades 3/4 classes on Wednesday, May 22 and Eric Walters will be visiting the grades 5/6 classes on Thursday, May 23.  Cary Fagan will be selling books for between $10-$15 and will have the following titles available:  Mort Ziff is Not Dead, Danny Who Fell in a Hole, Banjo of Destiny, Mr. Karp’s Last Glass, Wolfie and Fly, Wolfie and Fly: Band on the Run, The Hollow under the Tree.  Please see Cary Fagan’s website for more details:  The grade 5/6 students have already placed orders for Eric Walters’ books and they will be distributed the day of the visit.  The students are welcome to bring in books that they already own to be autographed.  We are all looking forward to inspiring presentations about reading and writing!

-Lara Bafaro