Crestwood Welcomes Kenneth Oppel! 


On Tuesday, Kenneth Oppel came to visit all of Grade Six on a Zoom webinar. He is the author of many books including The BoundlessHalf Brother, and Silverwing, the book about a bat named Shade that everyone in Grade Six reads. Mr. Oppel talked about his inspiration for Silverwing and the bat characters in it, his first published book called Colin’s Fantastic Video Adventure, and highlighted his books The Boundless and The Nest.

Mr. Oppel also answered a many questions from the Grade Six students. One question was “Which Books Inspired You?”  Mr. Oppel’s response was a book called Danny, Champion of the World by Roald Dahl as well as other adventure stories. He also showed us pictures of the writing process for his book Half Brother, including rough drafts and the published book. It takes a lot of time and revisions to write a book.

Thank you, Kenneth Oppel, for coming to our school virtually! If you are interested in reading adventure, science fiction or fantasy books, make sure to order his books online or take them out of the library!

By: Laya Tarek 🙂

p.s. Ms. Bafaro will be handing out order forms for Kenneth Oppel books and if ordered through the school they can be autographed.