Attendance Procedures

Attendance Procedures

It is vitally important for the safety of all of our students that parents or guardians contact the office regarding any and all absences. Students cannot excuse themselves from classes, and students over the age of 18 must still have their parent or guardian provide notification of any absence.

Anytime your child will be late or miss part or an entire day of classes, parents and guardians must notify the office as soon as possible (this applies for any absence, including any religious holidays). While students may notify their teachers of an impending absence, the parent or guardian must be in touch with the office directly. There are three ways to notify the office:

1. By phone at 416-391-1441, ext. 4321 or in the General Mailbox.

2. By email at

3. Through your parent Edsby account (instructions are at Edsby – Submit a Planned Absence)

In the event that your child arrives late to school, they will be required to check in as soon as they arrive. Any student arriving late during 1st  period must sign in with Ms. Newton in her office on the 2nd floor. Students arriving after 1st period should sign in at the main office.

If a student is absent, parents will be notified of the absence by phone or email, requesting that you contact the office as soon as possible to let us know where the student is and the reason for their absence. Longer absences due to illness (beyond two consecutive days) will need to be accompanied by a doctor’s note.

If a student needs to miss a portion of the day for a medical appointment, parents or guardians must contact the office, or come into the office so that student can sign out. Student’s arriving back at school can sign back in on their own.

If you have any questions regarding these guidelines, please contact the office at 416-391-1441