Athletics Update

It is an exciting time for our sports teams at CPC, as many of our teams prepare for playoffs!

Junior Boys Soccer
The Junior Boys soccer team played their last regular season away match against Trinity on October 22nd
After a typically slow start, they trailed early in the game 1-0, the team then exploded with 4 unanswered goals from John Mainprize, Anthony Audette and a double from Spencer Cohen. The boys closed off the first half at 4-1.
The team came out a little too smug in the second half and allowed Trinity back in the game, as Trinity cut the score to 4-3. But not to be outdone, Matthew Yanovsky and Braden Harris led the charges with some excellent play making, which allowed Spencer Cohen to rework some of his first half magic with two additional goals to his day.
The game ended 6-3 for CPC and cemented its opportunity to host the finals on November 1st; the second consecutive time that CPC makes the finals.
Mark this date on your calendars because it’s a game you won’t want to miss. It’s also a game where the team is counting on as many supporters as possible to show that day.
Go Lions

U14 Girls Basketball
Congratulations to the U14 girls basketball team who won their playoff game Thursday night against Pickering College by a score of 31 – 16. Marina Nevison led the offense with 14 points!!! This moves the girls on to the Final Four Championship weekend this Saturday at TMS.

Senior Boys Volleyball
On Wednesday, the senior boys’ volleyball team played their final regular season game against Albert College before beginning their journey into the playoffs next week. The goal was simple…fine tune all aspects of our game so that we can function like a well-oiled machine for next week. In the end we won 3-0 which seems impressive on its own. But what truly is impressive is that this win came with all 11 players playing an equal amount of time. It did not matter who was on the court; these boys played like a true team always communicating and supporting one another. The boys will now host the first round of the playoffs next Wednesday. Come out and support the team as they push their way towards a potential championship.

Varsity Flag Football
The Varsity Flag Football team travelled to Fieldstone on October 21st to compete in the SSAF U20 tournament. Crestwood finished 3 and 1 for the day, with our only loss coming at the hands of Toronto Prep, the eventual champions. Despite coming home empty handed, the Crestwood team should be proud of the raw smack down it laid upon opposing teams.
At quarterback, Crestwood was led by Nolan Moss. The foundation of our defense was provided by Daniel Igra and Benji Gertin. Further senior leadership was provided by Saeed Foodazi and Elliot Cohen.
Returning grade 10s Kristina Tzortzis, and Ty Ellis provided high impact plays on both sides of the ball. New additions to the team were essential to our success. David McCall and Joseph Eisentraut made big catches and huge defensive plays. The Legion of Doom, composed of Erik Usher and Andrew Haynes brought punishment down on opposing offenses. Derek Boecker, Aren Karshaffian and Kabier Izzeldin rounded out the Crestwood team.
Mr. Hawkins would like to thank all of the players, and looks forward to next year’s tournament.

Senior Girls Basketball
The Sr. Girls Basketball team travelled to Albert College on October 22nd to finish up the regular season before their playoff game next Wednesday October 29th. In a game where both teams fought tooth and nail for every point, every rebound, and every loose ball, the teams played to a 30-30 tie at the ends of 4 quarters. The overtime period was even more intense than the prior first 4 quarters and when the dust settled, our girls lost 37-33. Our coaches commend the entire team for their play and determination on the court and special mention goes out to Steph Erdman with her team high 12 points and Meghan Massard for her 8 points.