Athletic Banquet

Last night, staff and students all boarded onto a boat cruise of Toronto Harbour for our annual Athletic Banquet. It was a fantastic evening of good food and music, honouring Crestwood’s outstanding athletes and their accomplishments this year. There were many awards given out yesterday, but the two most prestigious awards are: The Lion Heart Award and Athlete of the Year. The Lionheart award is given to one male and one female athlete for his or her dedication, sportsmanship, pride and athletic performance over the entire year. The athlete of the year is awarded to individuals who have shown dedication and excellence in athletics over the past year. These individuals have shown excellent skill in their athletic pursuits at the school. The award is given to 6 individuals based on Grade level and gender. The winners for the 2011/2012 school year of these awards are:

Athlete of the year:

7/8: Austin Mason and Madeleine Leftwick

9/10: Duncan Gilfillan and Stephanie Erdman

11/12: Michelle Goldsand and Richard Laramie

Lion Heart award:

Aaron Jackson and Brooke Werger

Congratulations to everyone for the athletic achievements this year!