Artists Selene and Judy

Congratulations to both Selene Wen and Judy Zeng on being selected as Crestwood School’s Artist of Month.

Hello, my name is Judy Zeng. I am 10 years old and I am in 6C. My homeroom teacher is Mrs. Krashinsky. My favourite classes are Language, P.E., Math, Science and Art. I play the piano and clarinet. My hobby is drawing. I draw different characters (ex. anime), things (ex. still life), paintings (ex. watercolour or regular paint), pastel colouring (ex. oil pastels) and some imaginative creatures (ex. dragons, phoenixes…)

My name is Selene Wen. I am in class 6C. My favourite colour is blue,, silver, black and white. My favourite classes are Art, Math and Gym. I draw random stuff a lot. I use pencil to draw a lot of different things in cartoon styles. I am in the choir as well as the girl’s basketball and volleyball teams this year.