Artist of the Month, Margherita!


Hello, my name is Margherita but you can call me Marghy if you wish. I love drawing, playing sports, and singing! But most of all I love to run! Last year I was in the track team, and it was so fun! My favorite animals are tigers and dogs. I love tigers because of their stripes and their strength and how they interact with each other, but I must admit that they are adorable! I love dogs because they are so cute! My favorite sports are tennis, running, and basketball! My favorite subjects in school are gym, geometry, and reading. A fun fact about me is that I am Italian! When I was five years old my dad moved here for work from Italy, so I came to Crestwood then with the supportive help of my teachers and tutors I learned how to speak fluent English! Another cool thing about me is that my eyes are green! When you look at my eyes in the light then they are green but when they are in the dark, they look brown but are not!

Margherita Salvo

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