Artist of the Month


My name is Owen, I am in 4E. I have a lot of hobbies, but Art is one of my favorite things to do. I like art because you could draw anything you have seen in your daily life. Also, art projects can be created with any material, that’s my favorite part of art. Piano is also one of my favorite hobbies. I like the piano because it makes a soft noise. I practice piano every night; it is very relaxing to play it. I am also good at Skiing and Skating. Skating is one of my favorite sports because you could do a lot of things on ice such as figure skating and hockey. That’s very cool!

In my free time, I also like reading. I like reading science book because you could learn a lot of facts about nature, animals, and people’s life from science books. Besides, comic books are also my favorite books, the reason why I like it because they are very funny to make me laugh all the time.

Owen Zhang


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