Last week, the Female Peer Mentorship club and the rest of the Crestwood community took part in our Anti-Bullying week. Throughout the week, there were posters, announcements, social
media posts and even bake sales to spread message of being kind on all platforms. To start out the week, we saw a beautiful Graffiti wall made by some mentors and mentees with the message,
“Don’t stand by. Stand up. Stand strong. Stand together.” This mural used wonderful pink decorations to raise awareness about our collective fight against bullying and encouraged
students to share their words of inspiration. Next, we created a great community artwork called the Kindness chain. Students wrote ways that they could be kind, both in person and online, on
slips of paper that were rolled to create chain craft. With the chain, the words “Be Kind” were spelled out for all the school to see our amazing work. A bake sale was also held during the week
to raise money for donations. All the goodies were either pink or purple to show support for the anti-bullying initiative and all proceeds collected were donated to charity. To end off this
fantastic week, the school community participated in a Pink/Purple grub day to stand up against the ongoing issue of bullying in schools. Crestwood believes that by raising awareness and
encouraging others to speak up, we can learn to identify and eliminate bullying within our school community.