Announcing Crestwood Lower School’s Artists of the Month

Often when I am working in my office I hear both visitor’s and parent’s comments about the beautiful student art that decorates Crestwood’s halls. Indeed, a walk through our corridors can be a wonderful experience, as you will often notice a different element in one of the many pieces that are displayed. We are very fortunate to have such talented student artists here at the Lower School. Any one who has had the opportunity to attend Crestwood’s annual Spring Art Show will most certainly agree! In order to celebrate these students, each month our Art teacher and resident artist, Anya Romanenko, recognizes a Crestwood student artist, or a group of student artists for their efforts and abilities as Artist(s) of the Month. This year we are kicking off the Artist of the Month in a very special way. A visit to Crestwood over the next few weeks will provide parents and students with an opportunity to discover that there are many artists among us. Beginning on Tuesday, September 27th, Julia Shure, Ava and Matteo Licata’s mother, Pamela Goldfarb, Indigo Golfarb-Lewis’ mother, Mr. Greenacre, Information Technology teacher and Anya Romanenko, Artist and Art teacher will be showing their work as Artists of the Month. Over the next three weeks our students will have the opportunity to enjoy and perhaps even be inspired by these artists. Their pieces will be on display in the glass vestibule outside of Crestwood’s main office and in the Art room. Please come and enjoy our first Artists of the Month showing for the 2011-2012 school year. Patti Hektor Principal, Junior School