Andrew Spanton earns his Gold Duke of Edinburgh Award

A big congratulations to one of our graduating seniors, Andrew Spanton, for completing his Gold Duke of Edinburgh award. The Duke of Edinburgh Award offers the participant the opportunity to set goals and achieve results in a fun and challenging way. The program is non-competitive. Students who participate in the Duke of Edinburgh Award program share a commitment beyond academic excellence. They share a commitment to personal development and responsibility through service, adventure, skill development and physical well-being. Andrew started his Gold award as soon as he turned 16. He was a member of the rugby and ultimate Frisbee team. He played the trumpet and joined Senior Jazz Band. He volunteered every Tuesday at Cub Pack (boy scouts) for an hour and a half. He organized a 4 day camping trip with a few friends in Algonquin Park and completed his residential project in Australia last summer. Andrew will be invited to a national ceremony of recognition with his certificate awarded to him by a member of the royal family, the Governor General or a noteworthy Canadian. Congratulations Andrew!