Alice in Wonderland

Thank you to all who came out to support us in this year’s drama performance, “Alice in Wonderland”. Ms. Bryant and Ms. McCourt worked tirelessly with the cast and crew to make this fantastic performance come to life. Special thanks to everyone who dedicated many hours of hard work behind the scenes, particularly: Ms. McFarlane, Ms. Drake, Mr. Dunn, Mr. Cardinale, Mr. David, Mr. Sunderland, Erica Cooke, May Chan, Elizabeth Stewart, Ms. Sawka, Ms. T. Ogle, Mr. Stephens, Ms. Peters, Ms. Doherty, Ms. R. Lee and Mr. Hawkins. The show could not exist without you. Thank you to Mr. Pagano, Mr. Santomero and Mr. Hecock, for their continuous support of the arts department. A very BIG thank you goes to Nick Gold, for his dedication and unwavering support through the rehearsal process. His creativity is unmatched. And finally, thank you to Scott Masters and Shelley Hamilton for lending us their dog Piccolo for his theatrical debut. He is the greatest dog/pig a production could ask for!