About Aaron Kligerman


My name is Aaron Kligerman, I am the French teacher for grades 4 and 5!  I am passionate about teaching, and especially about languages!  Besides French, I also speak (and teach) Spanish, and know several words and expressions in a few other languages.  I love to travel, cook, eat, play sports, and try new things!  I have lived abroad in several different countries, and I believe my successful integration into these other countries and cultures is related to the values by which I live my life:  be respectful, honest, cooperative, courteous, and responsible, with an open mind, and an open heart.  I always try to instill these values in my students through my words, actions, and behaviours.

I hold 3 university degrees, from Western University (Spanish and French Double Major), The University of Toronto (Masters in Spanish linguistics), and York University (my teaching degree).  It has been a great year so far, filled with wonderful experiences and memories, and I look forward to creating many more unforgettable moments!