Online Learning & Re-Enrolment


Dear Crestwood Families,

I’m sure you’re all aware that online learning has again been extended to February 10th.

Please note the following:

  1. Students are being assessed online and we are monitoring their work completion and progress.
  2. We are making an effort to reduce the amount of homework so that students do not need to spend an extensive amount of time online after the school day is done.
  3. Please communicate with your child’s teacher should you choose to have your child offline for part of the day. We understand it’s a long day/time to be online, and if you choose to excuse your child from some of their classes, make sure the homeroom or specialty teachers are aware…we have no way of knowing if it was the parent’s decision to have their child opt out of certain classes or if the student decided to “skip” classes on their own.
  4. Progress reports will be sent out AFTER March Break.


The DEADLINE for re-enrolment is JANUARY 31st.

If you have not received the link and personal code that is necessary to re-enrol online, please email

Stay home and stay safe!!

Dalia Eisen