Dear Parents,

Welcome to 2021! We hope you all had a much-needed restful and relaxing holiday season. While we could not return to in-person learning this week, we were excited to welcome the students to Virtual School and it was so nice to see everyone’s smiling faces again; this time without masks!

We are so pleased with the smooth transition to online learning. We want to thank the teachers for their immense efforts in organizing and planning for this week. The implementation of online classes is certainly not an easy feat! We have been so excited to hear about all of the wonderful learning opportunities that have been created during remote learning this week. We also want to thank you, the parents, for supporting your children throughout the week. We know how difficult it is to juggle work life, home life and school life. Thank you for your patience and support; it is much appreciated! 

While we wish we could return to in person learning next week, we know our students will rise to the challenge and continue showing their best selves in their virtual classrooms. Please remind your child to use time away from classes to eat healthy, be active and get some fresh air. Taking care of our bodies is even more important when learning in a virtual environment. 

Have a wonderful weekend and see you in ZOOM school on Monday!

Amy Fuller & Sharon Liebenthal