Dear Parents,

It was another wonderful week filled with learning, playing and personal growth. We thank you for sending your child(ren) dressed appropriately for the weather. Students managed well outside through some wet weather this week, and we were rewarded with a stunning Friday to end our week. 

It was great to see all the students in their favourite outfits on Toonie Tuesday, and we had a delicious pizza lunch to celebrate. Thank you to the CSPA for all their hard work in organizing pizza lunch for the students and staff. 

This week during Fill Up with Mrs. Fuller, the Junior division took their “emotional temperatures”, by recognizing and expressing their various emotions. We learned about the importance of communicating our emotions with words by playing a challenging game of Emotions Charades. Students quickly realized how difficult it is to guess how someone’s feeling by their facial expressions (especially when wearing a mask!) This week, students are challenged to use their new emotion vocabulary to express their feelings to someone else, and note how that expression leads to positive outcomes. 

The students in the Primary division had a visit with Mrs. Liebenthal to talk about spreading kindness in the world. If you drop a stone in the water and watch the ripples, that is how one little act can have a ‘ripple effect’ on others. A simple smile can go a long way.  If your mask is covering your smile, a kind word or gentle tone does the trick!    

We have lots to look forward to next week ahead of our Halloween celebrations on Friday. Mr. Cooper and the House Heads have been busy organizing many fun activities, including a modified costume parade, a virtual dance party, and a classroom decorating contest. We look forward to all the spooky fun awaiting us next week!

Wishing you all a healthy and happy weekend!

Amy Fuller & Sharon Liebenthal