Dream Cities


For the past few weeks, students in Mme Gurney’s grade one and two French classes have been working diligently on two major year-end projects. The grade one students were asked to create their dream city filled with different places they found around them. Amazing projects came to life, both in 2-D and 3-D forms, as cities were filled with European-inspired roundabouts, thrilling amusement parks and favourite neighbourhood restaurants. Students then presented their projects to the class virtually using loads of new vocabulary and full sentences.

Grade two students also produced some amazing creations, but this time, their creations were in the form of their dream house. Slides replaced stairs, bedrooms were filled with vibrant colours and indoor pools were found in every room. The possibilities were endless, and the students really used their imaginations to the fullest. Multiple mediums were used as well such as cardboard, bristol board, Lego, and recyclable materials. Students learned how to say the various names of the rooms found in a house in French, as well as directional prepositions in order to describe where one room was located in relation to the other.

The amount of creativity, details and hard work brought to these two assignments by both grades was amazing and it was a pleasure to watch everyone present their projects with such confidence.

Kyra Gurney