House Point Scavenger Hunt


Hey Everyone!

Are you looking for a way to get outside; have fun, enjoy the nice warm weather and earn some House Points at the same time?? You can join in on our neighbourhood House Point Scavenger Hunt!

All you have to do is use our scavenger hunt list to find as many items as you can around your neighbourhood!

When you find one of the items on the list you take a selfie/picture of yourself with it and submit your pictures to our scavenger hunt Dropbox by going to this link:

Make a folder with your name and class (there is an example in the shared folder) then drop your pictures in as you go or you can wait until you’ve found as many as you can and drop you pictures all in at the same time.

The scavenger hunt will run until Friday May 29th, 2020 at 4:00pm. House points will be awarded for participation as well as the top contestants (points will be awarded for the most complete in the fastest time).

You will find our scavenger hunt information at the top of Edsby in the Edsby river this week as well!

*Please remember to be responsible and safe when completing the scavenger hunt. Adult supervision is recommended as well as any normal precautions you would take going around your neighbourhood safely.

David Cooper