Back in Time

As an extension to our unit on Early Settlers in Upper Canada this term, the Grade 3’s visited Black Creek Pioneer Village on Tuesday, June 4th. The students all came dressed in time period clothing ready to experience life as it was in the 1800’s.  During the day, we participated in a hands-on program.  The workshop was called “Many Hands” where we were able to work in an authentic heritage log house! We prepared cookies and cake that were cooked on a real wood stove, churned  butter, carded wool, and learned to use a spinning wheel. In the workshop we also learned to weave on a barn loom, engaged in wood working and explored various tools. The second half of the day was spent exploring select buildings in the historic village. Travelling back in time was fun for all of us but we were certainly happy to land back at Crestwood with all of our modern conveniences.
-Paula Georgiou