Art Room Action

The Art Committee just finished another big project. We created the set for the grade 2 musical. Thank you for your dedication and hard work and a special thank you to the lead artist on the project, Violet McBeath Cohen. To the talented grade 6 crew: Sean Lopes Fitzgerald, Lily Duckman, and Sophie Hawker, thank you for never missing a session and working so well together to make this project such a success. The grade 4 students who played such a pivotal role in creating the beautiful design; Noah Haber, Riley Cash, Justin Lopes Fitzgerald, Jordan Mao, Lily Reinish, Charly Gelb, Divya Ghanekar, and Leyli Shakeri-Rad, thank you for being always ready to offer time and work extra.

The Art Show is coming soon and all students are working hard on finishing their projects. This year the grade 6s will present interactive art installations that will showcase their artistic learning. There will be a number of art sections showing Fashion Design, Plasticine art, Shadow and puppet theaters, Optical illusions and more… We are very excited! Stay Tuned!

-Anya Romanenko