2012-2013 Academic Awards

On October 24th, Crestwood handed out its annual academic awards to those students who had achieved the highest grades for the 2012-2013 academic year.  The following students are congratulated for their amazing efforts and we hope they keep up the good work in years to come.

The winners for grade 7:

3rd Highest – Hannah Gray

2nd Highest – Tony Liu

Highest – Joseph Eisentraut


The winners for Grade 8:

3rd Highest – William Paisley

2nd Highest – Amanda Lawee

Highest – Shane Sigesmund


The winners for Grade 9

3rd Highest – Sydney Swartz

2nd Highest – Sabrina Wasserman

Highest – Meghan Kates


The winners for Grade 10

3rd Highest – Aaron Jackson

2nd Highest – Amanda Werger

Highest – Justin Memar-Makhsous


The winners for Grade 11

3rd Highest – Cassandra Wasserman

2nd Highest – Michael Lawee & Victor Minkov

Highest – Zachary Brown

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